Map Project is developing an application to allow individuals to register a precise, complete and easy to use address.  Here is the nitty-gritty of how Map Project deals with personal data in our application: YOU ARE IN CHARGE!

  • To create an account you will need to provide your mobile number and a user name. We will save the GPS data.
  • You decide what additional information to provide, share, with whom, and for how long.
  • You can always edit or delete all your personal information if you wish, or simply revoke to your information.


  • We keep the individual end-user at the centre of our development. You should not only be in charge, but feel in charge and easily understand what data is collected, for what purpose and for how long.


  • That data is yours. We never share your personal data.We simply provide you with means to do so yourself!


  • We use secure servers and take great care to protect your data.


  • We use cookies to enhance your experience of our website. You can remove them from your computer via your browser.

If you contact us via email and social media, we will keep your details  (name, email, phone number) so that we can communicate with you in the future and provide you with required service. Would you like to know more details? Please refer to our Privacy Policy. //Map Project Team

Faces of addresses

Are addresses really that important? Yes! In order to show you, how the lack of precise address can complicate your life, we started new cycle called Faces of Addresses. We collected stories from people from all over the world who experienced problems with addresses. Is it easy to get a cab in Costa Rica? Is there anything that could go wrong with addressing system in Stockholm? How much time would it take to find a museum in China when you can’t ask anyone for directions? Read more about adventures with addresses!
We have got a new addressing system in part of the capital Kampala. But people are not really using it yet as the new street names are not uploaded to the online map. A customer can stand next to the street sign and tell me the name and I cannot find it on the map in my taxi app. When I finally find the customer we realise that the street names differ. I hope they will soon upload the new names to the map. That could be useful for us!

Driver in Kamplala

Supporters & Awards

Map Project is happy to get support and recognition from others. We are also very proud of all the awards and scholarships we won. Thanks to that, we have more founding for our work, but it also reassures us that we are on the right track and what we are doing is important. Below you can find all our awards and supporters.



Map Project was accepted into batch 4 of the KTH Innovation Pre-incubator in March 2017. The pre-incubator support early stage, tech based KTH projects with the potential to become viable companies. This provides us with access to office space at KTH main campus, business development support, workshops targeting all aspects of developing a start-ups, and a vast network. More information here.

In 2018, Map Project was among 10 finalists in Venture Cup Sweden Region East final. Map Project won the Impact Maker award and a chance to participate in national finals. More information here.

In 2017, Map Project was among three nominated companies in the category of Sustainability and Social impact of the Stockholm Innovation Scholarship challenge. In total more than 500 projects applied and 15 were nominated with 5 categories. More information here.

In 2017 wet got support from Vinnova. Map Project has received a grant within the call for Innovative Startups by Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency. More information here.


In 2018, Map Project has been awarded SAS Scholarship. The Scholarship is awarded to three ideas that have the potential to change the world.The Scholarship opens up new opportunities to reach out with our product and speed up development and research. More information here.

Our approach

At Map Project we envision a world where everyone has an address with access to information, public and private goods and services.

We develop solutions that provide access to opportunities and empower individuals as citizens and consumers!

We believe having an address is a civil right and we will never charge for that, but for companies and organisations dependent on accurate addresses we supply Addressing as a Service.