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Map Project is expanding, are you one of our next colleagues? Currenly we are looking for UI/UX designer, React Native app developerFirebase Backend Engineer. Read more about our job offers and send a message to our CTO Maria, maria@mapproject.se with your resume if you are interested. Final date of application is 1st September, but we are interviewing continuously with the aim of filling the position as soon as possible. Join us and help to solve the 4 billion people challenge!

Map Project awarded Impact Maker

Map Project is among four winning startups for region East at Venture Cup Startup Competition 2018.

Map Project has been awarded the Impact Maker award at the Venture Cup regional final. This award gives us 50 000 SEK for our future development, as well as the possibility to compete in the National Final this September and a chance to win the national title Startup of the Year 2018 award. This year set a new record of the number of applications sent into Venture Cup STARTUP and Map Projet team is extremely happy to be among the winners.

Impact Maker is a special award for startups with strong social or sustainable impact.This is how the jury justified their decision to award Map Project’s team: This idea has a clear positive sustainability impact, and with great creativity the team has managed to solve an everyday problem for both individuals, companies and global sustainability movements. With a strong case, a strong team and the right timing, we believe that they have all the right qualities to succeed within their field.

We are very happy to be recognised  for our work to make addresses available to everyone and everywhere!

About Venture Cup
Venture Cup is the competition for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The purpose is to connect people with ideas with experts and the crowd, to ignite the creation of new businesses and empower the growth of Sweden. Venture Cup is a nonprofit organization, and open to everyone who wants to test their business ideas. http://www.venturecup.se

Map Project is through to the final in Venture Cup East 2018!

Map Project is one step closer to solve the 4 billion people challenge.

Stockholm, May 9th, 2018: Stockholm based startup, Map Project, is through to the finals in Venture Cup East startup competition 2018. Competition was fierce this year – almost 430 startups participated, but only 10 projects for each region were chosen. Yesterday, Karoline Beronius, Map Project´s CEO, presented the idea behind Map Project to the jury, who will decide who will be this year’s winner.

Map Project is developing a mobile app that allows people to digitally register a physical addresses. For many people around the world, an address is more of a description than an exact address and many people are not aware that lack of addresses is a real challenge for an estimated 4 billion people around the world. Karoline Beronius explains “Without proper addressing systems individuals cannot exercise their civil rights, get access to products and services or even explain to emergency service how to reach them. It also causes a lot of inefficiency and many business opportunities are missed.” Map Project believes having an address is a civil right, and will never charge individuals for registering and using the address. For commercial use within eCommerce and delivery service Map Project offer Addressing As a Service.

The team behind Map Project hope that the Venture Cup startup competition will lead to further opportunities and a chance to develop the solution further.  Each year startups from all over the country enter the Venture Cup Startup competition. After the pre-selection, 10 finalists on the regional level will compete for four prizes – Impact Maker, TopTech, Game Changer and Student Superstar, each prize comes with a 50 000 SEK reward. Regional finals for Venture Cup East will take place on May 24th in Konserthuset in Stockholm.

About Map Project
Map Project started out in 2016 as a project to explore the opportunity to use modern technology to leapfrog development within basic addressing infrastructure, for empowering individuals, facilitating new business opportunities and socio-economic development. In 2017, Map Project entered KTH Innovation pre-incubator and raised around 500K SEK in soft funding through VFT Funding, Vinnova and Almi. In January 2018, Map Project won the SAS Scholarship. More info: www.mapproject.se

About Venture Cup
Venture Cup is the competition for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The purpose is to connect people with ideas with experts and the crowd, to ignite the creation of new businesses and empower the growth of Sweden. Venture Cup is a nonprofit organization, and open to everyone who wants to test their business ideas. More info: www.venturecup.se

How does the GDPR hold up in East Africa?

Privacy, Security and Trust are important to us! We always develop with the integrity of the individual users at the centre. We have designed our system so that our users know exactly what personal information is collected and are in charge of using and sharing it. This is in compliance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which provides a strong framework for protection of the individual and their personal information.  

We wanted to check out how our development holds up in East Africa. In March, we took the opportunity to hold an event including a workshop on Privacy, Security and Trust at kLab Innovation HUB in Kigali, Rwanda. The aim was to understand how individuals approach questions of integrity and sharing of their personal information and what they expect from companies processing it.

Out of three workshops this was the busiest with more than 20 participants. The participants were very active and it was clear that integrity and data protection was important to them. Most people thought that there is no way that integrity and data security could be guaranteed and that they would have to live with that fact and would share their address anyway. A small group of people said they would not share their address as they did not trust it would be safe.

“Then we demoed our application” says Lina Modin Larsson, GDPR Compliance Officer at Map Project and explains: “several of the participants asked why we did not start by demoing. They were reassured to see that they are in charge of who can see their address.”

After some general discussion on Privacy, Security and Trust, our assumptions that the EU GDPR provides a good framework for developing a global solution handling personal information were yet again confirmed.


Map Project wins SAS Scholarship!

Map Project has been awarded SAS Scholarship. The Scholarship is awarded to three ideas that have the potential to change the world. The Scholarship opens up new opportunities to reach out with our product and speed up development and research.

Map Project has been awarded the SAS Scholarship. The three winners from Denmark, Norway and Sweden were selected from thousands of applicants. The Scholarship includes a tailor made trip to support the development of the ideas and products, which will be planned with the support of a mentor.

The Map Project team are excited to be awarded for our work to make addresses available to everyone and everywhere! It means a lot to get the recognition, but also the support in reaching out to develop new partnerships, and iterate our product together with end-users and potential business customers in the field.

“On a personal level, this has been an amazing journey. To think that what was just an idea about three years ago, is now being recognised and so much closer to being realised! I am fortunate to work with a great team and co-founder, and that so many want to see us succeed and contribute to achieving our vision”, says Karoline Beronius, CEO & Co-founder, of Map Project.

“We rely on modern communication technology to work with our partner and developers that are located on other continents. However, nothing compares to face-to-face meeting when it comes to building trust and partnerships and setting processes for good collaboration. The SAS Scholarship is very timely, as we are about to start testing and observations in target markets” says Maria Cheadle, CTO & Co-founder.


Why addresses?

4 billion people suffer from not having an adequate address, or in deed not knowing their address or how to use it. Without an address it is difficult to exercise your civil and socio-economic rights; get access to new goods and services (e.g. financial services and insurances), or even explain to emergency services how to find you.

Without effective addressing systems it is challenging for the government to organise and structure society, or for authorities and institutions to be inclusive and reach all the citizens.

Map Project is working on solving these challenges in collaboration with local partners. We are developing a system that provides addresses to everyone and everywhere.  To businesses and organisations we provide addressing as a service. For individuals it will always be free!

Map Project and our partners are contributing to socio-economic development, safer and more inclusive cities, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. See UN SDG (especially 8, 9, 10, 11, 16 and 17).


About SAS Scholarship

SAS Scholarship is a program where three winners with sustainable and innovative ideas and an ambition to improve the world are paired with influential mentors. Together, each winner and mentor tailor a trip around the world. The mentors support with knowledge, experience and their network and together with SAS, unique trips and experiences are formed that can contribute to the realisation of each idea. www.sasscholarship.com


Map Project nominated to the Stockholm City Innovation Scholarship

Map Project was nominated to the 2017 Stockholm City Innovation Scholarship and was among the top three innovations in the category Social impact and sustainability. 

A total of 500 applications were submitted to the competition and out of those Map Project was one of three to be nominated in the category Social impact and sustainability. Together with the other nominees we enjoyed the award ceremony in the Golden Hall at the Stockholm City Hall, famous for the dinner following the Nobel Prize ceremony that is held at the Stockholm Concert Hall. Thanks to all friends and supporters of the Map Project who have been part of our journey and made this possible!