Why addresses?


Many countries still lack a countrywide address infrastructure to enable effective communication between individuals, governments and organisations.

Addresses provide individuals with the opportunity to have a legal identity, enable them to exercise their human and civil rights and gain access to private and public services.

A well-functioning address system is fundamental for an inclusive society. It provides structure, organisation and transparency, and helps improve government planning, budget allocation and follow up.

Without addresses business opportunities are missed. With an all-encompassing address system, organisations are able to reach new markets and service the entire population.




Investment with a 4 billion people purpose!  Having an address is a civil right, which we will never charge for! However, an allencompassing address system creates opportunities for development of society and new businesses. Get in touch to stay up to date with future investment opportunities! 



Everyone needs someone to believe in them! We have the ideas, drive and dedication. We have a business model and a prototype and are looking for financial support to develop and test the minimum viable product. Get in touch to contribute financially! 



Together we will make it happen! map project team is currently developing partnerships with eCommerce and logistics companies. Get in touch to find out more!

Developer, Join our Team!


We are currently looking for skilled programmers to develop our global addressing system

map project team has developed a prototype and are currently carrying out field testing to verify product and business hypotheses. Once done, we will start developing our MVP -Minimum Viable Product. We are looking for skilled android app developers and system architects that have some of below skills.

Here’s what we can offer you:

  • Happiness – of having a key role in a start-up with great potential
  • Excitement – of interesting development challenges
  • Freedom – to be creative
  • Fortune – potentially through company stock options
  • Fame – if we make it big, you will have played a big part in the success story
  • Power – to change, if all goes well, we can make a positive international impact
  • Friends – some really nice colleges (if we may say so ourselves)

And this is what we hope you can offer us:

  • Ambition and drive
  • Attitude – the great kind
  • Skills – preferably in some of the following areas:
    • Web development
    • App development
    • Algorithm development
    • System architecture
    • Database technology
    • Server technology
    • GUI/UX design
    • GIS
    • Open Street Map tools (PostGIS, Mapnik, OpenLayers, etc.)
    • Block chain technology
    • Machine learning
    • Problemsolving and general technical knowledge
  • Experience – is also really, really nice of course
  • Versatility – this being a start-up

So if you are the kind of person who is “smart and gets things done”, please let us know. Simply drop us a line telling us who you are: use the application form, and attach your cover letter and CV if you like.