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They grow well in garden beds and in pots around pools, on patios and balconies - all in all a very versatile and visually stunning plant. The flowers spike can last for up to 12 months. Bromeliads grow best in bright, indirect light, both indoors and out. The good news is that the mother plant will now start to produce pups - they may take a while to appear but when they do you can prize them off and re-pot them when they get to a decent size.. Matt - Perth: Hi Webmaster, I am in the same boat as Lorraine, almost all green plant and has been in flower for the last 8 months. I have heaps of what appears to be green seeds within the old flowers, but cannot find any information on the possibilities of them. What would you recommend, I would really like to try and save it.. Nicky - Sydney: My plant has flowered for nearly a year now and the mother plant is definitely starting to die - all the leaves have turned brown and we have been removing them and running out of leaves. Lovely white ones. TheImage = document.getElementById(TheImageId); Alcantarea imperialis (Vriesea imperialis) Photo by: ... (a.k.a. This Bromeliad is quite hardy and will tolerate a range of climatic conditions. This Bromeliad grows to a span of more than 1.5 metres, although it can take up to ten years to get to this size. Find 140mm Assorted Bromeliad - Guzmania cultivar at Bunnings Warehouse. ALCANTAREA IMPERIALIS RUBRA - Description, Photos, Uses, Best Growing Condition for this plant. Alcantarea imperialis are large bromeliads that originate from Brazil, growing in the mountains close to Rio de Janeiro at an elevation to about 1,500m. Pick up in Darlinghurst. Sichere Zahlung mit Amex, Mastercard, Visa oder per Vorkasse. You could also give it a foliar feed with a very dilute liquid fertiliser, Bromeliads are sensitive to fertilisers so too stronger mix will certainly damage the plant and could kill it.. Kate Mathers - Sydney: Several of my Imperialis alcantereas flowered last November. Privatkunden Rubra prefers the soil to be quite dry, and water to be kept in the top/throat of the plant. May 28, 2016 - Big ass bromeliads. Alcantarea imperialis is a species of bromeliad in the genus Alcantarea.This species is endemic to Brazil.. Essentially bromeliads use the energy from die-back parts to recycle to the main plant and then on to the pups. 30 more photos VIEW GALLERY. Photo - Linda Ross . What happens if I prune all leaves, would it regenerate They look awful??. I've placed it outside and planning to plant it in ground this spring. Manche Samen sind nur für kurze Zeit erhältlich. Sow them in a very well drained seed tray but keep slightly moist and warm. When watering make sure that the soil dries out between waterings, Alcantarea can suffer from root rot, watering once the soil is fairly dry should prevent this. 6863 les relacions. Thanks. Alcantarea imperialis is the most regal and is considered the signature species of this genus. Discover (and save!) Riesige Auswahl mit über 4.000 Arten auf Lager und weitere 4.000 Arten saisonal verfügbar. Jul 13, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Kevin Flynn. Alcantarea imperialis Peter Tristram - This lovely plant is the largest of this species cultivated in Australia, its broad strap-like leaves are grey green on the upper side with maroon coloured underside. This summer has been hot & despite watering my plants they appear to be burnt on the tips of the leaves & possibly dying. It is in a large pot and has been in this pot since I brought it. Well about three years ago I bought a few immature plants labelled Alcantarea Imperialis Rubra from a garden centre. We are searching for quality suppliers of this plant for you. angezeigt (brutto). Komfort: Alles aus einer Hand. Flowers are just starting to open. As they are in pots you could move them to an area of more shade during the hot summer months. your own Pins on Pinterest We do not sell these plants. Kundenzufriedenheit. It is outiside my kitchen window and looks amazing.. Webmaster - Sydney: As with most Bromeliads, Lorraine, the mother plant will start to die now that it has produced a flower - however the flower spike will last for many months, sometimes up to the best part of a year. Dieses Juwel aus der Bomelien-Familie wächst nur im Juan-Fernandez-Archipel, einer Gruppe von kleinen, vulkanischen Inseln vor der Küste Chiles. It has grown to about 1m x 1m and started to flower about 6 months ago (strange given they told me it would normally take around 10 years). 15€ Kindel, 25€ 1 jährige Pflanze, 45€ 2 jährige Pflanze 25,00 € / inkl. Here we list businesses who usually sell this plant. The inflorescence is huge, erect and stout for a bromeliad exluding only the towering infloescences of species of the Andine genus Puya. This information is provided as a free service to viewers. Zone: 11 Family: Bromeliaceae (bro-mee-lee-AY-see-ee) Genus: Alcantarea (al-kan-TAR-ee-uh) Species: imperialis (im-peer-ee-AL-is) Synonym: Vriesea imperialis: One vendor has this plant for sale. To encourage grass pups - plant your Alcantarea high in the mix using skewers to support the plant. Alcantarea imperialis Rubra - The underside of the leaves are wonderful red colour, place in a raised bed to enjoy the colourful foliage. Border Groß- und Einzelhandelsmengen in Päckchen von zwei bis 100.000 Samen. Are Alcantarea really slow to grow? It's not fatal to cut them off early, it just deprives the plant from some extra nutrients - however 4 months isn't early. Darlinghurst, NSW. For now I would cut off the older burnt leaves. I replanted but they don't look as good. Expresslieferung in viele Länder möglich. An absolute favourite around Brisbane, Alcantarea ‘Silver Plum’ forms a large and magnificent specimen around the garden. The flower spike can get to 3.5m tall with masses of small white flowers, it can take up to 3-5 years before flowering will occur and flowering can last for 12 months. Ltd. The stalk is about 1.5m tall. Reprinted from Bromeliad, J. BSNZ, June 2007 - Articles appearing in this issue of NEWSLINK are for information purposes only and are not necessarily endorsed by the Committee or the Illawarra Bromeliad Society. Preise werden ohne MwSt. The flower spikes are now about 4 months old and I would like to cut them off. If you are a retailer and offer this plant for sale, either in-store or online. Pots/Tubs, Zone: 10 Alcantarea imperialis 'Rubra' FROM: $40.99 SET YOUR STORE. Alcantarea imperialis are large bromeliads that originate from Brazil, growing in the mountains close to Rio de Janeiro at an elevation to about 1,500m. It is about 1.5 m wide and is now in flower with stem making the plant about 2 m tall. Die k... Eine erstaunliche Pflanze aus der Familie der Bromeliengewächse (Ananas), die eine große, dichte Rosette aus vielen streifenähnlichen, dornigen, bläul... Eine wunderschöne kleine Bromelie mit rötlichen Blättern, heimisch in den mexikanischen Staaten Veracruz, Oaxaca und Chiapas.... Kunden, die diesen Artikel angesehen haben, sahen auch, Copyright 1997 - 2021 © rarepalmseeds.com, Volle Sonneneinstrahlung schon bei Jungpflanzen. Sehr selten erhältlich! We've had a cold winter of about 5 degrees at night and lately have been unusally warm during the day (24 degrees). they are difficult to kill) so providing they are in well drained to very well drained soil then they should recover, but it could take time - allow up to 12 months.. Garry - Sydney NSW: Hi, our Bromeliad has started to get a white powdery mould on its leaves that appears to be eating away at the leaves. Or will it just look bad for a while and start to regenerate itself? It was quite a large and beautiful plant, so we are really morning the loss of it!. The plant takes from between 8- 20 years to flower. ... one year, and once this has occured, this plant will die and be replaced by pups that shoot from the original base. Inflorescence: Laxly bipinnate, slenderly pyramidal 2-5 m tall and 45 cm in diameter. Just water occasionally during periods of drought this will encourage new leaf growth. Alcantarea imperialis. Try placing the plant in a bright position out of the full sun, if the soil is wet allow it to dry out before watering again and spray the leaves with water each day, this allows water to drain into leaf bases and increase the humidity around the plant. At 5′ across it can take up to ten years to attain this size. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Matt. There's a good chance that the 'mother' plant will survive for quite a while yet, so it might as well look its best.. Karen Foster - Sydney: I had a beautiful Alcantarea in a pot, sadly my dogs have chewed and ripped the central leaves. I have had it about 5 years. The flower spike can get to 1.8m tall with masses of slightly scented creamy white flowers, it can take up to 3-5 years before flowering will occur. Just noticed today that the leaves are dry and brown. The leaves are all green. Auf Anfrage verfügbar! A/ No, not necessarily - Plants such as the 3 year old Alcantarea Imperialis "Rubra" as shown below will grow quite quickly if well fed from a young age. Für höchste Qualität, Keimfähigkeit und korrekte Identifizierung sorgt der renommierte Palmenexperte Tobias W. Spanner. You will notice the appearance of 'pups' around the base when the plant flowers. Dieser atemberaubende Riese aus der Familie der Bromelien ist in den brasilianischen Bundesstaaten Minas Gerais und Rio de Janeiro beheimatet, wo er normalerweise an steilen Granitfelsen in einer Höhe von 1500 m wächst. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Garry, Powdery mould is generally the result of insufficient air flow. It is more likely connected with too much water or too little humidity. 10 years ago. This stunning plant takes years to flower just once before producing offsets with a large flower spike (up to 2.5 m in height) that is covered with hundreds of flowers. MwSt, zzgl. Being Bromeliads they will be very resilient (e.g. Abonnieren Sie unseren berühmten monatlichen Newsletter mit den besten Neuzugängen. http://www.bambooman.com.au/bromeliads-big.php Bromeliads Alcantarea Imperialis Rubra a photos taken from BambooMans Garden. Silver Plum is one of the few true full sun bromeliads, easily capable of … It will reach a height and width of approximately 1m. Jul 22, 2014 - Alcantarea Imperialis "Rubra". It can be used as a indoor plant, outdoor container specimen or planted within the landscape. The Alcantarea Imperialis or Bromeliad Rubra is a stunning large tropical plant originating from Brazil. Alcantarea imperialis Purpurea - The broad strap-like leaves are a deep purple to maroon colour and remain so all year. I am aware that the mother plant will start to die but have some others waiting to pot up so not a problem. Fertilise regularly using a combination of slow release fertilizer and liquid fertilizer. The underside of the wide strap-like foliage is a wonderful red colour, which enhances the colour in full sun. Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. Montag – Freitag: 10 – 16 Uhr (MEZ). All bromeliads multiply via off-sets or pups. Whether grown in the ground or in a pot, this plant performs reliably in Brisbane conditions. Alcantarea Imperialis Rubra. Groß- und Einzelhandelsmengen in Päckchen von zwei bis 100.000 Samen werden weltweit ausgeliefert. Nice looking brom growing alongside the driveway of the Olive Branch Nursery, possibly HoHenmea 'betsy Mccrory' Bromeliads Unusual Flowers Trees To Plant Unusual Plants Plants Tropical Plants Tropical Flowers Planting Flowers Beautiful Flowers. Viele neue und seltene Arten werden ständig hinzugefügt. de… … It is tolerant of a wide range of conditions and perfect to give your garden that tropical feel even if you live in a temperate area. Alternatively you could try creating a shade cover to protect them especially during the middle of the day. Don't put them where the afternoon sun will shine directly on their leaves, as that can cause them to burn, but don't stick them in a dark corner, either. If I manage to do something miraculous, I'll let you know.. Sueanne - Sydney Australia: I have 6 plants in large white pots along the fence at the back of the pool. There are about 16 species of alcantarea available in Australia, but the most popular variety is Alcantarea imperialis ‘Rubra’. Nur für Gewerbetreibende und Kunden außerhalb der EU. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. For such regal plants, the genus is fittingly named after the 2nd Emperor of Brazil. Alcantarea imperialis. Tausende von Kundenbewertungen bestätigen die Qualität unserer Samen und den freundlichen Service. }. imperialis rubra:- Grass pups can be carefully removed from the parent plant provided a section of the parent plants' stem is taken at the same time. 2m hohem Blütenstand. Note: email address will not be displayed. It only has a little sun in the morning. This Giant Bromeliad makes a stunning feature plant for any pot or garden bed, growing in full sun or part shade. View gallery. It is a lithophyte and can tolerate dry conditions. This perennial is endemic to Brazil and can be found growing on rocky slopes. Bromeliad Rubra; Pot and saucer by EcoPots. Versandkosten. Any advice will be appreciated.. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Daniel, Don't assume it wont produce pups, these plants can be variable in this capacity. Für alle, die die kompakte Großhandelsliste von unserer alten Website lieben, haben wir diese auch auf der neuen Website wieder als schnelle und einfache Referenzliste mit botanischen Namen und Großhandelspreisen eingerichtet. We suggest washing it off with clean water, though don't scrub hard otherwise you'll damage the leaf surface which has water absorbing scales on it. My question is, Do the flowers end up as seeds and are they viable to propogate? Native to Eastern Brazil, Alcantarea gets its name from Dom Pedro d'Alcântara, the second Emperor or Brazil. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Grace each side of my front door. A good Alcantarea seedling mix is one part perlite to four parts coir (coconut) peat. Large pups are easiest to remove; they are more fully formed as plants in their own right, with little attachment to the parent. Samen kaufen ab € 5.20. Description. Lesen Sie mehr... Bei rarepalmseeds. Alcantarea imperialis rubra. Mwst. The flowers spike has red bracts with fragrant flowers. The roots appear to be rotten. Teilen Sie Ihr Wissen! thanks. TheButtonPintrest = document.getElementById("ButtonPintrest"); When it has flowered, let the flower die and go to seed and collect them. Pot is about 400 cm wide. Foliar feeding with a liquid fertiliser will improve plant vigour. Frische: Um die hohe Qualität zu gewährleisten, werden alle eingehenden Samen auf ihre Keimfähigkeit geprüft. You may recognize this bromeliad as Vriesea imperialis, its former botanic name. A large and stunning bromeliad with a dense rosette of wide strap-like, corrugated leaves with a smooth margin. sid_marx. com können Sie aus einem beeindruckenden Sortiment seltener Samen aus aller Welt wählen: Palmen, Cycaden, Baumfarne, Sukkulenten, Koniferen, tropische Bäume und mehr, viele sind nirgendwo sonst erhältlich. function OnButtonPintrest(TheImageId) { Dieser atemberaubende Riese aus der Familie der Bromelien ist in den brasilianischen Bundesstaaten Minas Gerais und Rio de Janeiro beheimatet, wo er normalerweise an steilen Granitfelsen in einer Höhe von 1500 m wächst. Flowers are exactly like the pictures above. Einzigartige Klimasuche für mehr als 1.000 Standorte. Endemic to Brazil in rocky slope locations. It has a huge base growing to up to 1.5m wide that consists of a dense rosette of wide strap-like, corrugated leaves with a smooth margin. The stunning foliage is thick leathery grey green with bright red tips and underside the strap leaves that form a rosette bringing a great colour display to the landscape. Is it ok to do this at this point? My question is, where you say the mother plant will start to "die-back", does this mean it will actually die completely and will never recover? Lagernde Samen werden regelmäßig kontrolliert. Alle neu eingetroffenen Arten werden als 'neu' gekennzeichnet. Lorraine - Western Australia: I have one of the Bromeliad Alcantarea Imperialis. Alcantarea imperialis rubra Photo by Kesson Sharp. 2. Preise werden inkl. The plant takes from between 8- 20 years to flower. I have planted it in a 15cm pot with orchard soil mix. The pups can be separated and replanted to produce more plants. Feature lenaris, que va ser un puntal de saviesa en l'antiguitat. After flowering the mother plant will start to die-back while new pups are produced alongside. Once you have removed the pups the mother plant can be removed and the pups planted in its place.. Daniel - Sydney: Hi, I have a Silver Plum which I planted from a 20cm pot almost 5 years ago. Please tell me what I can do to save it, I wanted to plant it in ground once it's establish. The leaves are often silver-green above while the underside will be … At Wholesale Bromeliads of Australia, our aim is to provide a wide variety of top quality bromeliads, sourced from the best growers in the world & to continually access new varieties. Key Info. Versandkostenfrei in folgende Länder: Mehr anzeigen Weniger anzeigen. In the meantime please use this page for reference. Alcantarea imperialis is endemic to Brazil and is one of the largest terrestrial bromeliads. Schreiben Sie einen Kommentar und gewinnen Sie EUR 50. Alcantarea imperialis bromeliad flower buds. It is one of the giants of the bromeliad family. Hope you can help.. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Steve, sounds like a clear case of overwatering, unless you have heavy, waterlogged soil where these are planted. In reality plants are there to look nice so when they start to look a bit crabby then its our job to pretty them up a bit as they can't do that themselves. Alcantarea odorata - has slender green leaves with a delicate silver band. Be sure to protect this plant from frost. Jungpflanzen verfügbar, traumhafte Kübelpflanze, blüht erst nach vielen Jahren mit ca. It will be hard to transplant if I have to. Just wondering whether we should try and extract the pup and re-plant altogether. Maintenance: Requires very little maintenance. Category: Tropicals and Tender Perennials. I understand that this type of Alcantarea will not produce pups and die off after flowering. Comments: Once classified as 'Vriesea Imperialis'. See more ideas about bromeliads, plants, planting flowers. return (true); Is there anything I can do , such as trim off really dead leaves? We know of nothing to indicate you can propagate by seed. 3. It has a huge base growing to up to 1.5m wide that consists of a dense rosette of wide strap-like, corrugated leaves with a smooth margin. Thanks.. Annie - Webmaster: I don't think temperature is the problem. TheButtonPintrest.href += "&media=" + TheImage.src; Germination rates may not be good so plant as many as you have.. 7 members have or want this plant for trade. Alcantarea come from the rain-forests of South America, they are under-story plants preferring dappled sunlight. Here is an example of this type of growth on an Alc. 'Screwing' alcantarea imperialis for pups. Weltweite Lieferung zu güstigen Preisen. Alcantarea gets its name from Dom Pedro d'Alcântara, the second Emperor or Brazil. They put on about a centimetre, centimetre and a half of growth each day and will flower for up to four months." (Imperial Bromeliad, Alcantarea imperialis 'Rubra'). Its leaf color is very variable, ranging from all green to deep purple and various combinations in between. Watering the center cup. Can I leave in original pot. "forma rubra" and "forma purpurea") and lots of green and intermediate foliage colours. As the flower spike dies it tends to look unsightly so cut this off along with any old and dying leaves. Alcantarea imperialis is a species of bromeliad in the genus Alcantarea. angezeigt (netto). Gently pull them away from the parent keeping as many roots as possible. Cheers Garry. Zone: 12. I was wondering if it may produce seeds which I can plant to re-grow and how we may go about this as we would love to keep this beautiful plant in out garden. Webmaster - Sydney: My first thought is that the leaves are being burnt by the sun. Alcantera imperalis Rubra - white powdery banding on the magnificent red tinged leaves, Alcantarea imperialis - rubra - this magnificent specimen is growing in Sydney Botanic Gardens, Alcantarea imperialis - Sydney Botanic Gardens, Alcantarea imperialis Rubra - red flower spike and bracts - white flowers, Alcantarea imperialis planted en-masse, they look good but preferably they will be healthier given more space, Mass planting of Alcanterea in Sydney Botanic Gardens, Tall flower spikes, red bracts and yellow/red flowers emerging - Alcantarea imperialis. please contact GardensOnline to be part of our referral program. Wir haben erfolgreich in mehr als 180 Länder geliefert. How often does it flower? Patio Identifizierung: Wir garantieren, dass alle Samen korrekt identifiziert werden und nur dann aus Kulturpflanzen stammen, wenn wir sicher sein können, dass sie nicht hybridisiert sind. They don't require a great depth of soil, will tolerate full sun, wind, cool nights and once established summer drought. I have no red on the leaves at all. The mother plant will not recover. Can I prune away the damage? Any advice? Once they have reached a good size the fertilizer can then be reduced & potash added so the plant can then be allowed to color to its maximum potential. These giant Bromeliad definitely make a statement whether in flower or not. This large terrestrial bromeliad was once classified as Vriesea imperialis but is now recognized as part of the genus Alcantarea.It can be found growing on rocky slopes in the Serra dos Órgãos in Rio de Janeiro.It can tolerate dry conditions and full sunlight. Once the pups have reached approximately a third the height of the mother plant they can be removed and replanted. In unserem riesigen Sortiment finden Sie alle Samen, die Sie suchen und müssen nicht mehr das Internet durchsuchen. $200 Negotiable. Providing the central growing tip is not damaged the plants should continue to produce more leaves.. Steve - Sunshine Coast: Hi, I have a few of these in my garden, a couple have unfortunately fallen over. Hi There, I've read on this forum and in some bromeliad society newsletters that it is possible to get a plant to produce pups by destroying the apical meristem with a screwdriver. Will it regenerate? Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Kate, if the spikes are 4 months old now then I'd say it's OK to cut them off. The genus was named after Dom Pedro II. Alcantarea imperialis Rubra Bromeliad 200 mm Alcantarea imperialis Rubra Bromeliad 300 mm Alcantarea imperialis Silver Plum Bromeliad 200 mm Alcantarea imperialis Silver Plum Bromeliad 300 mm Alectryon coriaceus 100 Ltr 3 ONLY NICE Alocasia brisbanensis Cunjevoi 200 mm Alocasia brisbanensis Cunjevoi 300 mm Alpinia zerumbet Variegata 140 mm Alternanthera dentata (LRU30) … Geschäftskunden var TheButtonPintrest; Bitte zuerst einloggen/registrieren. Annie - Webmaster: Hi Nicky The pups feed off the mother plant. Bromeliad: Guzmania 'Tuti Fruitti'. Wir beliefern Liebhaber und Sammler ebenso wie botanische Gärten, Baumschulen und Saatguthändler jeder Größe. Then make sure you maintain good airflow around it. These statement plants soak up the sun and create one of the most eye-catching species in the plant kingdom. Erfahrung: Tobias W. Spanner ist ein renommierter Palmexperte mit Erfahrung seit 1987, führendes Mitglied der International Palm Society und hat mehrere neue Palmenarten entdeckt und beschrieben. © 2010-2021 GardensOnline Shopping Pty. Pinterest. The Dapple Designs Expert Says: Alcantarea imperialis 'Rubra' (Imperial Bromeliad) Guide Alcantarea imperialis 'Rubra' also known as Imperial Bromeliad is very large bromeliad that originates from Brazil. Other Species: Alcantarea geniculata - grows to 1m with broad, glossy green leaves. 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