The power of crowd

Yesterday, 60 people from more than 15 countries came together to dig deeper into challenges around addressing and what modern technology and social entrepreneurship can do about it.   We had invited to an “Evening with Map Project” and wanted to test our ideas on the crowd, see if we could find supporters and beta testers among the group, and encourage students to do their internships with us.

Currently we are performing some controlled testing of the app but are looking for android users from different countries to be part of our early testers community. To be one of the first to have it on your phone, sign up here.

We learnt a lot yesterday and had an excellent time with this fun and active crowd. At the end we challenged the participants to write their address not using street names, numbers or postal codes. We are so excited to see if the letters get there and if have a winner of landmark address descriptions in the crowd  …. Will it get there? #kombrevetfram #thepowerofcrowd