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The lack of addresses affects women and equality!

The lack of addresses affects women and equality!

International Women’s Day 2019 is all about thinking equal, building smart, innovating for change! How does this relate to addresses you might wonder? Addresses are part of essential infrastructure and support effective communication around location. Map Project has...

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Addressing for reunification in refugee situations

Addressing for reunification in refugee situations

Map Project meets Agnes Björn from Plan International and entrepreneur Johan Attby to explore opportunities for supporting reunification of displaced children and families with the use of Map Project addressing app.
Learn more about our journey with #sassholarship.

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Evening with Map Project

Evening with Map Project

The power of crowd Yesterday, 60 people from more than 15 countries came together to dig deeper into challenges around addressing and what modern technology and social entrepreneurship can do about it.   We had invited to an “Evening with Map Project” and wanted to...

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How it all started

    “We are meeting Anna who is working as a community health worker close to Isingiro, ask about Anna when you get to Isingiro.”   Somehow it always worked out, we always got there in the end, but sometimes a short distance could delay us several...

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Why addresses?

Efficient addressing systems are essential to reach the targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Map Project contributes to at least six of the 17 goals. Many countries still lack a countrywide address infrastructure to enable communication between...

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Map Project is developing an application to allow individuals to register a precise, complete and easy to use address.  Here is the nitty-gritty of how Map Project deals with personal data in our application: YOU ARE IN CHARGE! To create an account you will need to...

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The proof is in the pudding, and evaluation is essential.


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We find below areas very interesting in relation to our application, but we are open to new ideas:


  • Social Return on investment

  • Financial return on investment

  • Privacy, Security and Trust

  • Change management on societal scale

  • Transparency, efficiency and organisation

We are always happy to work with computer science students who want to build the best possible product suite with us.

Master Students in Sweden can also apply for Minor Field Studies (MFS) to be able to do some of the

research in the field. The application process is handled by KTH. Read more here.


Map Project supports Jobbsprånget to provide newcomers with academic degrees in engineering,

architecture, business or science with a fast track to working life in Sweden through a sponsored

internship. Read more and search current opportunities.