Are you an app developer with a soft spot for React Native?



Did you know that 4 billion people around the world do not have an adequate address? Not having an address that works means you have trouble getting access to the services you need, to get deliveries to your home or even to guide emergency services to your house when you need them. Governments struggle to reach all their citizens and countless business opportunities are missed!

We are changing that!  We are building a global digital addressing system for everyone, everywhere.

About us

Map Project was incorporated in August 2017 and we have been very busy!

  • Graduated from the KTH Innovation pre-incubator this spring
  • We were one of three finalists in the Stockholm Innovation Stipend
  • One of three winners of the SAS Scholarship Awards
  • Won the “Impact Maker” prize at the regional finals of Venture Cup in Stockholm and will proceed to the national finals in September
  • We have tested our prototypes and app with end-users and beta-customers in Uganda and Rwanda in field trips in 2017 and 2018

What we do

So how does it work? We crowdsource addresses through an Android app and provide Addressing as a Service through an API and web apps. Individuals, businesses and organisations use the app to create their address for their home and other places they need to be able to refer to systematically. In the app they can connect with friends, family, businesses and public service for free. Businesses use the API and business profiles in the app to deliver goods and services to individuals and other businesses and organisations, but also to guide customers and visitors to their shops, offices, hotels, taxi stands, loading bays etc.

Who you are

The coming year will be very exciting! We want to expand our team and invite you to join us if you are:

  • A developer with previous experience working with React Native and Redux (if not React Native, applicants with experience from React, Node.js and Android are also interesting).
  • You are familiar with the lifecycle of an Android app project from implementation, launch, publishing to Google Play…
  • …and maintenance after launch!
  • You have worked with a data backend such as Firebase (or Firestore)
  • If you have had experience from implementing, launching and maintaining a public API for a new service with a previous employer we would be very impressed
  • Another bonus would be familiarity with Google Play/Android guidelines as well as map service libraries such as Google Maps and MapBox/Open Street Map.
  • Experience with iOS apps are also a bonus to us
  • We are guessing you have studied computer science at university level

What you will do

You will be part of a product development team consisting of UX designers, Product Manager, Backend Engineers, the CTO and you. You will work on the next generation of the app, for individuals and business users. It is very likely you will travel to test the app with endusers in East Africa.

The position is full-time and on site at the office in Kista, Stockholm. Fluent Swedish is not mandatory. Send Maria Cheadle, CTO ( your resumé and cover letter if this sounds interesting. Also available on +46733196508 to answer any questions you might have. Final date of application is 1st September, but we are interviewing continuously with the aim of filling the position as soon as possible.