Faces of addresses

We are all Faces of Addresses!

Same address, wrong place?

I had been accepted to a dancing school outside Lisbon, Portugal. I looked up the address on the map service on my phone. It pointed me in the direction of a village an hour away that seemed rather easy to find and a friend was going to drive me there.

We found the village and after a while the street where the school should be. But there was only this huge, empty, scary looking building. I feared I had paid for a school that didn’t exist. So, I called the number I had for the school and after talking to the headmaster I understood that we were indeed on the right street, only in the wrong village.

The school was situated in a smaller village with THE SAME NAME. With the help of locals, we finally arrived at the right place!

Malgosia, Portugal

Wrong subway station

I remember my first time in China when I had no other option, but to get one, in order to be on time for my meeting. My Chinese wasn’t so good, so I simply showed the address where I wanted to go (it was a SPECIFIC subway entrance of a SPECIFIC subway station – easy right?) and the taxi driver agreed to take me there. After 10 minutes of driving, he stopped, pointed out the name of the street in Chinese and the subway line above us and said that we are EXACTLY where I wanted to be. I paid him and rushed for the meeting. Soon I came to realize that it was exit C, not D (and I hadn’t noticed that from the distance) so I still had to find the right exit… After some time I managed to get there. I was surprised to see that the person who I was supposed to meet was not there… I decided to call her and imagine my surprise when she told me that she was standing right in front of the exit D and she couldn’t see me. She asked me if I was sure that I was at the right place and it turned out that I wasn’t! It was a DIFFERENT subway station.

Kornelia, Poland (travelling in China)

Sometimes you need a bit of luck
Once a tourist in China I wanted to visit the Air Force museum outside Beijing. Equipped with a description from an online forum I set out to go there. I had meticulously written down the chinese signs for “Museum” and street name to be able to compare it along the way. I followed the forum guide to the letter. Upon my arrival to the subway station, I took a gamble on the exit. As I came out of the subway, I realised there was not a single street sign to guide me, no information or sign about the museum, not even in Chinese. The streets were surprisingly empty and I had nobody to ask. I hopped on a bus, and felt unsure that I was travelling in the right direction. Imagine my surprise when I started recognising the scenery and area from the travelling guide. I was at the Air Force museum. Sometimes, all you have to depend on is luck!
Andreas, Sweden (travelling in China)

“It used to be orange”

Let me tell you about one of my cab rides in Costa Rica. I was there to visit my host family. I had been down to the river and was going to take a taxi back to the city centre. I called to get a cab but since it was kind of a steep hill down to the river they asked me to go to a more easy-to-reach meeting point, namely: “ “the house on the hill with the door that was once orange”.. I ended up walking around the area and looking for that door for half an hour before the driver actually found me. To this day, I have no idea what colour it might be!

Hanna, Sweden (travelling in Costa Rica)

Lost in the neighborhood

We recently got a new colleague working with us. We were excited to invite him to the workshop, and really looking forward to his visit to Stockholm. We had arranged to use a flat at Lilla Essingen and I had been given the key. The number of the street was 37, and with the keys in my hand I looked it up on Google maps. To my surprise it was close down by the water, which did not make sense to me as I knew the location of some of the other doors on that street. I was right. It was not the right place. So I started looking for it, but the location on the map was incorrect and the numbers of the street were not leading there. I was lost! Turns out that number 37, was next to number 51. Streets and number are usually very organized in Sweden, so I could not even have imagined. It took me 20 minutes to find the place, and I was never more than 200 meters away.

Karoline, Sweden

New addresses don’t work

We have got a new addressing system in part of the capital Kampala. But people are not really using it yet as the new street names are not uploaded to the online map. A customer can stand next to the street sign and tell me the name and I cannot find it on the map in my taxi app. When I finally find the customer we realise that the street names differ. I hope they will soon upload the new names to the map. That could be useful for us!

Driver in Kampala, Uganda