Prototype ready and first field observations performed in Senegal

by | Feb 28, 2017

map project team has completed version 1.0 of the Android application prototype that will serve individuals and companies that are lacking complete, systematic and accurate addresses. Karoline Beronius from map project carried out a field study in Senegal, where she tested the prototype with a small number of users.

“Although limited in number, the observations brought back valuable feedback on how to improve the prototype and make it ready for a more thorough field test. We are now focusing on developing our test plan and partnerships in the field.” says Konstantina Pantagaki, User Experience Designer at map project.

The aim is to carry out a larger number of tests with users and customers in the field, including customer observations and test of business hypotheses in two potential markets.

map project is currently seeking partnerships in countries where inadequate addressing is a substantial challenge. We are particularly interested in getting in contact with organisations and companies dependent on logistics, e.g. involved in delivery, eCommerce, supply chain management etc. If you are interested in knowing more or discuss possible partnerships, get in touch.