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The budget calls for a raising of fares across the board, for all trips, by 10 cents, with the longest distance trips increasing by $1. Moreover, local Democratic politicians intervened to demand that the WMATA step up its efforts to break the Cinder Bed strike. They have controlled the mayor’s office and the city council since home rule began in 1975. They clearly weren’t eager for the public comment section of the day’s meeting, in which they’d have to hear from the workers at Cinder Bed Road garage, who had walked off the job 29 days before thanks to failed contract negotiations. The contract, which was ratified by 93 percent of ATU 689 members, is being presented by WMATA and the union as putting an end to the privatization of transit operations. Close the contracts and task orders once all requirements have been accepted by the Authority. Q40. FILE PHOTO: ALEXANDER BROWN/THE HOYA Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority services saw severe disruptions this week, as the authority and the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 589, the largest union representing WMATA employees, clashed over contract negotiations. “The current constructs that we have, the financial constructs, we have to work within that [sic].” The deliberate aim of these laws is to starve the public transit network of funding. In addition, the scheme will charge an additional 25 cents to those who pay for their fares with cash, which will disproportionately affect those with lower incomes. Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Contract No. WMATA's biggest union ended contract negotiations with WMATA because WMATA wants to replace its pension fund with a 401(k). We also understand that WMATA believes this to be a sufficient practice to ensure that all WMATA contract employees are fairly compensated. (Josh Hicks / Post), The plan to move TSA's headquarters to Springfield is the culmination of a long effort to revitalize an area known for its warehouses. The contract covers the manufacture and supply of an initial order for 256 8000 series metro cars with an option for an additional 800, to be delivered from 2024 onwards. Facilities, Section 52. Unfortunately, as this dispute has demonstrated, WMATA likely needs to take a more proactive role in ensuring that this provision of its contracts is enforced. A proud University of Maryland alumnus, Matt currently resides in Petworth. Within each 5 year period, the Concession Agreement can be terminated for cause only. (Katherine Shaver / Post), Some area jurisdictions have challenges to address if they want to snag Amazon's new headquarters. WMATA Selects Hitachi Rail for 8000-Series Cars Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor. The new five-year contract was ratified last week by Local 2 members and will take effect immediately upon approval by WMATA’s Board of Directors in September. The Union agrees to indemnify and hold the Authority harmless from any Approve, in writing, the Contractor's progress schedule when required; xii. Image by brownpau licensed under Creative Commons. This is more than enough to offset the added costs from the budget’s modest improvements, including the restoration of late night services, which were cut in 2016, and free transfers between rail and bus. However, it is the current intent of WMATA to exercise each 5 year option up to a total of 50 years. The first privately operated WMATA bus garage in more than 40 years, Cinder Bed is managed by Transdev, a French multinational corporation that specializes in taking over public transportation systems and slashing wages and benefits. Some strikers borrowed money from friends and family to survive for nearly three months.”. Matt Gontarchick is a government affairs and business development professional with a passion for all things DC area. In a statement on January 16, the ATU praised the “overwhelming” contract ratification by ATU members at Transdev. However, the latest proposal calls for the elimination and “restructuring” of 68 routes in the WMATA bus system. Loudoun's Metro stations won't be ready until 2020, and the District probably won't have enough commercial space available. The average salary for Wmata employees is $100,188 per year. Visit PayScale to research Wmata salaries, bonuses, reviews, benefits, and more! Section 5. Submit it here. Instead, workers were forced to vote immediately after an all-day “informational” meeting at Local 689. Participate in negotiations for modifications; xi. The 84-day strike was the longest work stoppage in WMATA’s … The workers are employed by Transdev, which contracts with WMATA to operate several bus routes in Northern Virginia. The current budget is an exposure of the role of the ATU, whose new contract with the WMATA in December was supposedly aimed at ending outsourcing and privatization in the Metro. They must appeal for support, not from the capitalist Democratic Party, but from the working class, which stands to be impacted by the attacks on public services and living conditions. DC and Loudoun need to address office space, transit issues to land new Amazon HQ, Montgomery to bad landlords: we’re coming for you, New TSA HQ spurs hopes for revitalization of Springfield, It’s hard to get foreign governments to fix their blighted DC properties, MAP: Where roads are closed for the inauguration, DDOT Director Jeff Marootian has a new gig in the Biden Administration, What transit corridors tell us about land use intensity in Montgomery County, Your Metrorail trips in 2021 might get quicker – five seconds at a time. To do this, transit workers must form independent rank-and-file committees, run by workers themselves. Now a federal mediator will decide on the new contract terms. Last Thursday, the WMATA Board of Directors voted to ratify a contract with Local 689 of the Amalgamated Transit Union. Not only did the union and WMATA come to an agreement without a bitter arbitration process, but it’s a good deal for riders and taxpayers. The workers are employed by Transdev, which contracts with WMATA to operate several bus routes in Northern Virginia. WMATA and JLREP will invite the selected artists/artist teams whose qualifications are deemed acceptable to receive detailed contract information for the purpose of submitting site-specific, Phase 2 artwork proposals. Despite being a tireless advocate for smart growth and public transit, Matt can still be seen on the weekends cruising around in his sweet 2007 Toyota Camry. In October 1985, WMATA awarded the $24.9 million contract to excavate the tunnel between the Waterfront and Navy Yard stations to Harrison Western Corp. WMATA's board awarded a $41.5 million contract for the construction of the Anacostia station to Kiewit Construction Co. in June 1985, and said the station would open in 1990. This was a rehash of his role in the General Motors strike last year, when he promoted the United Auto Workers, which is embroiled in a massive corruption and bribery scandal implicating much of its top leadership. This is the first strike at WMATA since 1978. Transdev workers, who earn $12 less an hour than their public sector counterparts, demanded raises, healthcare benefits, and an end to the privatization of public services in the Washington, DC area. The budget announcement comes after the nearly three-month strike by 130 bus workers at the Cinder Bed Road garage. Earlier versions of the budget had said nothing about the proposed cuts in bus services. Throughout the duration of this project, as with any other project, many quality issues were identified. Continue the conversation about urbanism in the Washington region and support GGWash’s news and advocacy when you join the GGWash Neighborhood! 2. (Jenna Portnoy / Post). The union has been in negotiations since February. Transdev bus operators and maintenance workers at Cinder Bed have … As vice president under Barack Obama, Biden is directly responsible for the record increases in social inequality which were the intended product of Obama’s policies, which included freezes to social spending. WMATA's biggest union ended contract negotiations with WMATA because WMATA wants to replace its pension fund with a 401(k). Arbitration: (e) “remove the mandatory-binding-arbitration provision associated with union contract negotiations” is a key debate. The union’s endorsement is a flip from 2016, when it endorsed Bernie Sanders in the primaries. (Antonio Olivo / Post), Properties in DC that are owned by foreign governments don't have to pay property taxes or follow building codes, so residents have to go through the State Department or do their own outreach when properties become neglected. Prepare WMATA's estimate for proposed Contract modifications. The Washington Post is reporting that the Washington Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) is in negotiations with Hitachi Rail to build 256 8000-Series rapid transit cars, with an option to purchase up to 800. In reality, the Democrats have spearheaded the cuts to social services in the DC area. International Committee of the Fourth International. The contract, a collective bargaining agreement with contractor Transdev that sets guidelines on annual raises and calls for an improved benefits package, still needs to … WMATA and JLREP expects the proposals to include all premiums required to complete the project on or ahead of the schedule listed in the present RFQ. Finally, nearly an hour after the meeting’s scheduled start time, the WMATA board members trickled in. This is despite a 2018 strike ratification vote of 94 percent by the local’s 8,000 workers after WMATA general manager Wiedefeld violated the contract by outsourcing their work.

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