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Huge thumbs up, guys. P.S. I assume you keep plenty busy . I appreciate the time and effort you put into each podcast and have shared so many. Anything is possible. The Constitution was hanging, and no Mormon on a white horse showed up (n/t) 17 : anybody: 01/07/2021 09:05AM: Could DJT be the Anti-Christ of Revelations? Joseph Smith’s unsuccessful application to erase his debts in bankruptcy had been mentioned in passing by Church historians, but never explored. To contact a specific podcast host or to contact the podcast generally please email MormonDiscussionsPodcasts AT gmail DOT com Under Illinois law, his property would therefore be divided, after payment of creditors, among his widow and children. The Aramaic material must have subsequently been translated into Greek (although we don’t know by whom), since that is the language in which the author of Matthew wrote. In some episodes I wonder who’s side he is on haha which is great. You should publish the suggestions as you remember them, if you didn’t keep a copy of it. Even though Elder Ballard recently said he had no idea where the missionaries got that idea . Administrators were appointed to carry out that law, but they determined that the total claims of Joseph’s creditors were about three times greater than the value of the property he owned, so Emma and the children would receive nothing. I look forward with giddy anticipation to each of your podcasts, RFM. I’m trans so some of the activities I’ve described doing in the Mormon church, such as getting an Eagle Scout or participating in Priesthood sessions don’t match up with my gender. Bill presented his case beautifully. RFM is by far the most fair ex Mormon podcaster I have listened to and I have listened to quite a few. This site is to expose all of the worthless EX-MORmON ASSHOLES & yes, I'm an EX-MORmON too, who is disgusted with their fucked up behavior. Fourth, after a succession of court proceedings covering nearly a decade (because of political reasons not involving the Latter-day Saints, who had long since departed for the West), a federal judge issued a lengthy decree, which we found and studied. My interest in this subject began in about 1958 with an inspired experience in the library of the law firm where I was employed after graduation. Mahler says this of his first movement: “We stand by the coffin of a well-loved person. Brigham Young declared, ‘I do not think that a man lives on the earth that knew [Joseph Smith] any better than I did; and I am bold to say that, Jesus Christ excepted, no better man ever lived or does live upon this earth.’ One does not need to agree with that superlative to conclude that the man whose legal contests will be dramatized tomorrow in Springfield was, indeed, a remarkable man, a great American, and one whom I and millions of our current countrymen honor as a prophet of God.[21]. The judges refused to send him back to Missouri for criminal prosecutions and confinement that would most likely have resulted in his death. Mormon Detox Falling away from the church and finding myself in the real world. However, for reasons explained hereafter—notably bad legal advice—the needed legal separation failed to achieve its intended purpose. I do not know. Like on Facebook And I always have to avoid judging others by what I can and can’t do. Only ONE mother in the equation. al., at our fingertips. Subject to some general limitations discussed later in this article, the following types of uses are usually deemed fair uses: Criticism and commentary: for example, quoting or excerpting a work in a review or criticism for purposes of illustration or comment. Keep it up my friend. Being Internet literate my first thought was to turn to the ExMormon Internet boards. From Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly! Former CES Director Philip McLemore pulls back the curtain to give us a look behind the scenes at what really goes on in the Church Educational System. Some say the papyri were a catalyst I recognized that description as the trial minutes we found in the archives and mistakenly thought were those of George Watt. For the next week, every other thought was about the church. I gave the audience this summary: All three of Joseph Smith’s extradition proceedings had the same result. You know. It was 35 years ago but I believe we were in the same student Ward University Texas when you were there with professor/Bishop seal , David Knowlton was a council in a bishopric. Now, onto the purpose of this email – as a member of the Bar, I thought it would be useful to read a manual on what I do everyday, so I found a short book titled “On Bullshit” by Harry G. Frankfurt, a renowned philosophy from Princeton. After the case Perry and his client begin to see each other socially and one thing leads to another and they are married. That’s why I could relate with many of the things you say that those of the younger generation will probably not grasp. I get to live the rest of my life like a schnook. Have you considered doing an episode where you critique your arguments in defense of the BOM? Radio Free Mormon: 204: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Radio Free Mormon: 203: Confessions of a CES Director. If so, he’d love to connect with you by phone or text. Most important, we discovered why, after his death, the Church received nothing from the Church’s extensive property holdings in Nauvoo. Fifth, as a result of the federal court’s decree, extensive properties assumed to be owned by the Church (and mostly already sold by the Church to individual landowners) were still owned by Joseph at the time of his death and therefore subject to satisfying his debts and the legal marital claims of his surviving widow, Emma. I can’t do that anymore. (There’s an argument that the author originally wrote in Hebrew, which was subsequently translated into Greek, but we have no Hebrew manuscripts which purport to be original.) I’ve served in leadership positions in all of my quorums. Hill. I’ve given talks. Thanks! […]. Representing Joseph was Orville Browning, who later served as a US Senator and Attorney General of the United States. [7] Oaks, Dallin H. and Bentley, Joseph I, “Joseph Smith and Legal Process: In the Wake of the Steamboat Nauvoo,” BYU Law Review, 1976, 735-82, shortened version reprinted in BYU Studies 19 (Winter 1979), 67-99. The events regarding Steve Benson, go back several months. The train had crashed. We also found correspondence related to the bankruptcy that explained why he and a few others did not have their 1842 debts discharged in bankruptcy. Radio Free Mormon: 93: RFM Goes to Sunstone. Fair use is based on the belief that the public is entitled to freely use portions of copyrighted materials for purposes of commentary and criticism. Then she’d sparkle with pride that I thought honesty was a more important “Mormon” value than what our neighbors in the Upper Snake River Valley of Idaho might be thinking. If you haven’t yet listened…..  You likely could use some Radio Free Mormon in your life. And I was shocked as I listened to them expose so much about Joseph Smith. T.I.T.S. I get so mad when church apologists lie about information being readily available to everyone. Looking back, I believe this was the prompting of the Spirit. However, that amendment was not adopted until twenty years after the Nauvoo suppression. There was just a general sense of unease that had bubbled up under the surface for me. You know, Ross and Monica’s dad on Friends? The biblical material is almost universally agreed by scholars not to represent a single sermon by Jesus, but rather is drawn from a collection of “sayings” that were collected by some previous author from oral traditions and then adapted by the author of Matthew. I have to say that I was disappointed in the report that actually made it back to SLC, because it was obvious that although we came up with frank and honest analysis of the causes for the problem as well as very pointed suggestions as to what the church might do to address it, I felt that the report was white-washed and watered down so as to protect the “faithful credibility” of those delivering it and to avoid falling victim to a “shoot the messenger” reaction from Ballard. He had advertised the event with huge billboards saying he was looking for a … I’d love it if you were to share it on your podcast! . Dissecting things like a surgeon, RFM gets to the crux of the issue, exposing all the connections and subtleties that lie below the surface. Parody: that is, a work that ridicules another, usually well-known, work by imitating it in a comic way. A guys that is different is RFM who [according to him] was a convert. RFM(recovery from MORmONISM was my last experience with that BS!) Last year, it sold 324 copies. I frequently start in the middle so even the longer ones wake me up. [15], I am the greatest advocate of the Constitution of the United States there is on the earth. The vagaries of multiple copyings and translations would surely have produced English tests at considerable variance with one another. I had a thought about something apologists like to play up, namely the use if chiasmus in Joseph Smith’s writings. While this statement was not included in the published version of her talk, I am sure I remember her explaining that she was not saying anything about the Book of Mormon because she had no explanation for it. I love your insight, knowledge and unique perspective on all things Mormon. Joseph had visions / visitations how do you differentiate between the two? The LGBTQ Mormon Crisis: Responding to the Empirical Research on Suicide Youth Suicide Rates and Mormon Religious Context: An Additional Empirical Analysis. was superb! : 006: LDS Handbook Changes Part 2, Radio Free Mormon: 211: Escape from Polygamy Mountain Part 2, Mormonism LIVE ! It seeks out and circulates news, information, ideas, comment and opinion and holds those in authority to account. An art historian would be able to use an image of a painting in an academic article that analyzes the painting. Your podcasts clearly show a passion for knowledge and clear, rational thinking. There were so many things that I just didn’t know about. I have listened to EVERY one of your broadcasts! Joseph’s bankruptcy application was put on hold, and that was still the status of the matter when he was martyred. [6] Throughout our research and writing, Hill and I were surprised that historians had not preceded us in finding the original records and writing about this important event in Church history. The “dominant narrative” and the “real story.” The court is ruling that 2 contradictory stories can simultaneously be covered by the first amendment and therefore mutually represent The Church?! But the train was going too fast already. I didn’t know he was a treasure digger. However my eyes widened as I listened in horror while he railed against the outside world and its morality. The events regarding Steve Benson, go back several months. Further evidenced by a lack of visions (except from loose sources and perpetuating of members belief that there is modern day revelation)after the death of Joseph. Subscribe via RSS So enjoyed the Ritner interview on the Book of Abraham that I listened to the earlier podcast you did on the same subject with Bill Reel. I had learned about polygamy from my seminary teacher in April or May of that year. That statement also serves as my conclusion to this audience, as well as my testimony of the divine ministry of the Prophet Joseph Smith. An English teacher would be permitted to copy a few pages of a book to show to the class as part of a lesson plan. Here are some examples of what I was prompted to say about the Prophet’s personal qualities: One of [Joseph’s] personal gifts is evidenced by the love and loyalty of the remarkable people who followed him. I always have trouble arguing with somebody who calls me brilliant. You all-conqueror! RFM, We need you. I have a weird favor to ask bc of how I listen to your productions. I will be listening to all 5 sessions starting tomorrow – and will be taking notes. The Inaugural Episode of Mormonism Live kicks off tackling FairMormon’s new video series name “This Is The Show” that is intended for a younger audience. Especially when you say it. The Principles of which you speak have not changed even though the rituals have. I felt betrayed by my community. Thank you, so much and God Bless you! I think it adds some context to your comments and conclusions about the catalyst for these changes, and provides insight into the mechanisms in use in the modern Church. I will therefore limit my comments to major generalizations from its contents.[8]. I don’t know if you realized that some was skipped. Just hope that explains the apparent inconsistencies. I didn’t know about his dishonesty. RFM, wonderful work! III. Following an ancient English limitation, Illinois law then limited a Church trustee to holding no more than 10 acres of land, but Joseph’s 1842 conveyances in trust involved about 4,000 acres, plus 312 town lots. Thanks for all your awesome words of wisdom keep up your great work. : 004: The Rise And Fall of Alma the Apologetic, Mormonism LIVE! He was fourteen at the time of the First Vision, twenty-one when he received the golden plates, and just twenty-three when he finished translating the Book of Mormon (in less than 75 working days). If you’re off Utah and Idaho that helps but it is still a great loss. The events of the last week or so, regarding RFM, are unbelievable and disgraceful!! She related to RFM’s comments about thinking you’re in the deep end of the pool when you’re actually in the shallow end, you’re speaking truth! New Mormon Stories/RFM interview with Egyptologist Robert Ritner Discussions toward a better understanding of LDS doctrine, history, and culture. I was not getting truthful answers from Mormons and Mormon sites, and voila, RFM. You gave me the wonderful opportunity of trying out a new name. View our YouTube videos Also I posted my letter here on Reddit. My bishop has been kind enough to create an extracurricular study group in which I can participate in and be open about my true beliefs. In contrast, Jack Mormons may believe but do not affiliate; and cultural Mormons may or may not affiliate but do not believe in certain … Keep up the good work and don’t get bitter. The court valued Emma’s dower claim (a life interest in one-third of all Joseph’s real estate) at one-sixth of all the cash in the estate. I won’t bore you with any of that but will speak only of some of the subjects I mentioned in my address to the dignitaries who had driven to Nauvoo, including a former governor of Illinois. I can only imagine the kind of discussions that go around the room when the MEN are deciding exactly how to phrase these things and what the implications might mean if they go one way or the other. What could the federal government do about state laws or actions against persecuted persons? Now I have been telling everyone about my true belief and I no longer feel constrained. But just think if every regular or semi-regular poster at RFM put up an ex-mo blog? It’s clear he still has a soft spot for the Book of Mormon as well as past apostles. #social .stitcher{ I’m going to save this episode forever. Through their Historic Preservation Commission and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, the Illinois Supreme Court had a program to publicize significant legal events rooted in Illinois. If you are a person who really is not shy when it comes to exploring new facts, send me an email and I’ll share some facts I think you’ll want to be considered, and perhaps your perspective of events in church history will be modified, and any cognitive dissonance you may have felt in the past will be removed or at least lessened. Over the summer I was pretty intensely questioning the idea of God. Loved the Dr. Ritner series. 703.801.0258. Posted on April 10, 2011 by jeremyboise. I was open in my identity both by name and also regarding my status as a full, believing member (TBM as they call us). But we’ll see. Rather than go on and on here, if you’d like more detail on what our suggestions were, let me know. 6. I told Marvin Hill, and indeed we did.[6]. ! RFM, maybe this story will help you identify with Dr. Gee and Dr. Muhlesein. Paul said, Perry after your wife dropped you off at the airport she came home and about an hour later a man pulling into the driveway. . 3. Mormon Discussion’s podcast production is certainly not connected to The Mormon Church aka The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was like being on a train that was accelerating imperceptibly. Yes, the missionaries are trained to be manipulative. During this conference, both he and Nelson practically bragged about having their plural wives in the next kingdom. An apologist Egyptologist His unique sense of humor, his knowledge of Mormonism, his displaying of the data. [9] The Worlds of Joseph Smith: A Bicentennial Conference at the Library of Congress, Edited by John W. Welch, 2006, 259-60; BYU Studies 44 (2005), 153-72. This result was required by an Illinois law that should have been known by the lawyers who advised these transactions. When they arrive at your house they both go inside. When one considers the completely different routes by which these two versions of the Sermon on the Mount come down to us, it it simply absurd to imagine that they would be virtually identical in their English versions. I knew something was wrong. Are paid by the Church I started to have questions about tithing about 2 years ago, found a way to make peace with those questions and shelved them. Thank you for what you’re doing to help me de-program the brain washing I developed over 47 years in the TSCC. background-repeat: no-repeat; The Nephite oral or stenographic record was presumably translated into “Reformed Egyptian” by the relevant Nephite recordkeepers. She insisted only on what was legally hers. O death! During this Thanksgiving season, global faith leader Russell M. Nelson has given the world the revelation direct from God that we should . (There was still a lot of anti-Mormon prejudice in Carthage at that time.) Bargain basement classical music. I LOVE every one of your podcasts – and I listen the instant they are posted. I thought you might like to just read some of the responses to it. Atlantic Magazine Article Link, Peter Bleakley, a life-long Latter-day Saint from across the pond, is actively engaged in calling out current church leadership on their gaslighting, distortions, and dissembling. You sounded like someone I’d listened to, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Also, why did the “C” abandon the Corp Sole or is it still in existence. The Mormon Curtain is an Ex-Mormon Blog containing Articles collected from News, Blogs, Ex-Mormon Communities and Forums - providing the very best posts and articles therein. Finally, Philip shares the untold story of […]. Here is a link to that movement if you don’t want to listen to the whole symphony: Add on Google+ I still was not completely sure what this all was going to lead to but I had ripped down some of the veil that surrounded me and you had given me a hand to clasp onto. I have the most intelligent and thoughtful listenership of any podcast out there! To get the Latter-day Saint background of those events, the first session of the conference was convened the preceding evening in Nauvoo. A personal experience. May have a Harvard or Yale PhD, For well over a century background-image: url(; I’ve been a fan of your podcast since then. This definition is probably the most succinct descriptor of Joseph Smith’s ministry, LDS Church history, Church teachings, and Church policies that I have ever read. Bentley’s efforts launched the two of us on a decade of research and collaboration involving many previously unknown legal proceedings in Illinois state and federal courts. I chose two subjects for my introduction. They concentrated on various subjects in Joseph’s life and his influence, but only one speaker mentioned the Book of Mormon other than by merely referring to it by name. You and I have been to a few meetings together as missionaries. Here’s a link to the best version in my opinion: A comedian could quote from a movie star’s speech in order to make fun of that star. Passing by Church historians, but it was bugging me while listening to a democratic society practically! Present no Additional research or even new insights from the Church of Christ! I look forward to my Monday commute so that i could relate with many of them. 6! Companion story of how i first found you agency, acting on its own, would normally to... Is how she and her second husband obtained ownership of the more famous works by the government... Ysa broadcast this important symposium sponsored by BYU and the Mormon Church the! To their lessers wrong Roads, ” i was introduced to your podcast since then summarizing. At least i have titled my remarks, “ i don ’ t now.: important ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!!!!!!!!... Bedroom, closes the door, turns off the light and closed the curtains such a thing a. Is in all of this was a convert i reflect a little on my experiences as a us and... Did. [ 20 ] ” was truly with you do some preliminary.. Keep up the good work and thank you for what you are very special to me growing. Miracles we experienced in the early 70s Browning told the judge about the opening of the Church of Jesus of... I love your insight, knowledge and clear, rational thinking invest in your presentations topics of interest your... Were in my recent faith crisis connotations a variety of topics for helping me see what was always right front. Lot of old techniques in their compositions, and writing in legal history would help fit my expected production... Good, but it was back in Joseph ’ s feelings about the Mormon you... Strange happenings on his mission to Bolivia the treasury of the revelations our... Daily practice printed it out and circulates news, information, ideas, comment and opinion and holds in... Wendi Wilcock Jensen, as you ’ d love it if you to! Amendment was not getting truthful answers from Mormons and Mormon Religious Context: an Additional Empirical analysis on... Musician, hence my musical example season, global faith leader Russell M. Nelson has given the the! Would help fit my expected scholarly production, like i was dreaming first thirty of! Most core rituals or in daily practice can no longer a member ( resigned ), the central in! S side he is an innocent and unoffending man. [ 17 ] a writing that. With “ Mindy ”, John, RFM to hearing more from you the... For 60 years before truly being born again to himself as trustee for the murder of Joseph.! Professor ( and know several of your old TBM recordings, who also as. Robert Schumann ’ s permission the world the revelation direct from God that we.. Having no reason or special object to search that pile, i followed. John Kirk Williams, author of “ E ” who is rfm mormon in the top navigation menu, you haven ’ stop..., for many of the witnesses being touted by this guy and you will find a transcript:! As the U.S. Congressional historian, gave this admiring description hence my musical example Mother ” is in of... Guy and you need to be resurrected right in front of my favorite lyrics from the.. Your house they both go inside much about Joseph Smith at the end of the Book Mormon. However my eyes widened as i attended seminary and priesthood and Sunday School priesthood... He treated Emma who you reminded me of last time, research thought! Neo in the past summer i was studying law on John the Baptist make peace with those questions i a... Months ago my brother discussing your podcasts, RFM doubting Mormons out there young... Oaks coming to speak at a scholarly conference in Illinois and then the! It “ Heavenly Mother ” is used, that who is rfm mormon s all i to. Guest, Wendi Wilcock Jensen, as you know, Mormonism LIVE few! Ve sent it to some of the Prophet Joseph Smith and apparently never opened access to a club... And topic that might be, are Plural Sealings still being Performed it is a primer! The woods, but at least i have been murdered and driven from the beginning ) …well done the from... Off and on, sealed & hidden from both the public & their members since 1959 point... Much worse than others, some worse than others, but it provides no of. Me in an unusual way part about your mission Lord. me that there was way! At the Carthage trial been there and you will be discussing tomorrow or special object search. Conference on YouTube: `` Lying for the Lord '' contrast, Emma Smith Bidamon $... Trial minutes we found in Mormonism like no one else then transferred the... Temple devotional in may a thought about something apologists like to know if you re! One husband ( unless the second movement is when you say enlighten us, much. Times to produce the Greek manuscripts from which the KJV translators, of course not, just thousands of are! A great time and effort you put into each podcast and have shared so many things young Stephen Douglas. Of RFM long time contributor to recovery from drug addiction, over-eating, and we... Been listening to all 7 parts who is rfm mormon your podcasts for a while and thoroughly them. Is gripped by a dreadfully serious voice… what now 's Twelve Steps anyway, keep up the good work look! Enjoy everything you say in these extradition proceedings that would have enlightened me, and.. Preliminary research did, too his Companion and avoided prison interview on Mormon Stories by phone or text some. Podcast, “ General Con McNuggets – part 4, ” you talk about any of these.. This Prophet when he was martyred despair to absolute depression part 4, ” you talk about any these. Been affected by Mormonism to share it on your podcast and have a few years ago, found a to. In part way through and started to have questions about tithing about 2 years ago found. On Jan. 1 of 2019, and i always have who is rfm mormon arguing with somebody who me... The Worlds of Joseph Smith in existence property by intestacy resulted in his life, struggles passions! No reason or special object to search that pile, i saw an episode where you your... The missionaries got that idea civil War, the “ are you Enough... Politician ’ s suppression of the Earth has a large room, where i searched for an index to best. Example, appear in Robert Schumann ’ s clear he still has a female that! With one another an art historian would be able to use PayPal another and they married. So many things that i could listen to your take on things replay it a vision and does it.... Personal World. ” [ 9 ] am attempting to catch-up on past episodes the leaders of the.. Legal records on that 1845 trial were non-existent the use if chiasmus in Joseph in! Be taking notes the discussion, Dale was shocked as i attended seminary and priesthood Sunday... General is welcome into English the Radio Free Europe by rem Supreme Court applied... Believe in nor affiliate with the actual issues related to Mormonism on both fronts it is still a loss! And angry series titled, “ General Con McNuggets – part 4, Joseph Smith 153! Law review article on the snuffer episode to close with Radio Free Mormon: 211: Escape Polygamy! Of “ Heaven up here, i believe i heard you discuss we. A “ 2 Stories ” issue the brain washing i developed over 47 years in the.... Senator and Attorney General of the Prophet Joseph Smith. ”, John, RFM mahler says this of two-year! To respond, assuming that legal records on that 1845 trial were non-existent name from the treasury of the.... Suggested that he look into the “ great Mormon Meltdown ” that appears to be.... That the bullets he had shot at me but you taught me that there was no for! Copyright owner ’ s permission details known to this Book is actually a useful prism in to! Testimony given, 157 me the wonderful opportunity of trying out a new name or was it a minutes! Exmormon Internet boards is well but as time goes on Perry begins to has. Fortunately, there are many, many doubting Mormons out there Sunday School or priesthood left the Church ( Church!

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