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Some great tips. No Make Up Piano Lessons. And, I think that this will even cause a few teachers to reconsider their “no reschedules”  policy. Sometimes you have to take the losses. Well, we actually need to populate it with your schedule. You can hide or show either of your studio calendars. Have you tried a swap list? I have been considering getting rid of makeup lessons for a while. Thanks for this innovative and unique idea! I love this Blog. Being nice to parents and not wanting to upset them so they won’t leave ultimately doesn’t really work, does it! He co-founded and led marketing operations for a summer music camp that sees over 200 children each summer. And what do you do for inclement weather, Wendy? What you'll accomplish. They don’t know how to say no. I gave 14 heavy-duty tactics for increasing your lessons requests in my Facebook guide. You will increase your free time, and decrease the amount of lessons that you have to reschedule into family or personal time. We were told exactly how to speak to customers, even if they were being rude. Emphasize that things will be easier now and that you are doing this to make everyone’s lives more convenient. star_border Add to Favorites volume_up volume_off Play Lesson Preview. If I were a teacher who did 1-on-1, then I would do 1-on-1. Students can reschedule for whatever reason at any time – provided I have “the night before” notice. it was several weeks worth of extra work, and that was unacceptable to me. I don’t know how I navigated to your blog, but I really like your posts. It wasn’t weird at all. There are actually quite a few teachers who read this blog that do the “video makeup lesson” option. I figure out the total number of lessons for the year, and subtract the cost of three lessons. I’m preparing a giant resource about group lessons for the Grow Your Studio community. Most parents forget about missed lessons after a month or two. Available lesson times get scheduled by our students quickly. By Joel Owens | Submitted On March 30, 2011. I’m just saying you should never miss an opportunity to show that your value is more than just as a music teacher. Thank you so much, Daniel! Parents might get annoyed to be CC’ed on that many texts! When I’m out of commission like that… I just have to bite the bullet. One other thought… you asked about how to schedule for 10 different teachers. What this means is that you might have a “technically” sufficient solution… but you don’t have an ACTUAL sufficient solution. Is there any way you can come to NCKP 2013 this summer? I do have 3 groups lessons a year that I offer as makeups so I will definitely keep that option! Does that mean that all of my families must have a Google account? Hi Daniel, The Studio Policies page outlines the responsibilities and expectations for all piano students taking lessons at Boulder Piano Lessons. Piano lessons are still valuable for more advanced players, as the teacher can critique your style and suggest subtle changes to make your playing even better. The 3PM – 6PM time is prime time for children because most children are available at that time. Q: As an adult can I still learn piano? What do I do about this issue? Even if your details aren’t quite the same, I am shocked when I hear this particular complaint. Has been very interesting so far. Whether that’s straightening up the house, tidying up the studio, making sure the appropriate activities are out for the students, or just changing out of our comfy clothes, every time we open our door to let a student in, we have already spent a number of minutes prepping for them. I was afraid they might delete things or change it wrong. Here’s the important thing… Don’t text them and ask them if they can come at “such and such” time!!!!! Thanks. MJ, when you say what I describe as the “average”… are you talking studio size? I preserve everyone’s privacy by not including names on the calendar. That’s the beauty of it. One other benefit that took me a while to understand: I became the easiest thing for parents to schedule. When I implemented this new rescheduling system, I noticed that: It’s effective. Home. I’m going to be giving the workshops there and will have other ideas as well. It is so easy for any business person to think of themselves first and their customers second. Report Ad. Then they want a different day, but only after 6:30. I have previously written that empathy is one of the best business skills that you can have. There are a number of other things that you can do, but it’s best talked about in person. 99% of my students realise this too and therefore accept my policy. It lets them see that I really AM booked! You should be able to fill those slots. 4 questions: The first part of this two part describing motivations and triangulation is thought provoking. I use this exact method, and actually started out with Google Calendar about 4 years ago too. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2021, All Rights Reserved to ComposeCreate, LLC, “Have You Forgotten What It’s Like to be a Child?”, “Best Stress-Free Business Practices for Your Studio”, “Marketing, Taxes, Business Entities, Liability for the Piano Teacher”, My First Rhythm Cup Explorations Accompaniment Tracks Only, Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations Accompaniment Tracks, Rhythm Menagerie, Manipulations, Cups Tips, Rhythm Manipulations Accompaniment Tracks. I would love to be able to directly text them a link to the MTH calendar – it would make life so much easier for them. I was thinking about doing maybe 2 makeup days a month and I could use this calendar to send to parents, I love the idea of them being able to pick a time and I think they would really likethat. The description of parents concerns is helpful and the solution you suggest may prove helpful to many, but not all. You are responsible to check the signup sheet to reserve a time. :-/. And might even help alleviate some of the issues I was having with having them have to log on themselves. Won’t bore you here with our makeup policy. I actually maintain a calendar just like this for my babysitters! There are definitely exceptions to ALL of these things! The calendar makes it more possible that I can get people into empty slots quickly. I loved sneaking in pop songs played in cocktail or improvised pseudo-classical style. SGD800 for Basic Professional Makeup (6 x 3-hour lessons for a class of 4-8 people.) Missed a private lesson, going out of town, or want to get a jump start on your lessons? Create a new bookmark on your bookmarks bar and enter your new “Custom Alias” in the bookmark. I can do unlimited reschedules because parents know that at any time they can go online, look at the online scheduler, and reschedule their makeup lesson. You inspired me to take another look at Google Calendars, thank you! Having said that I also have families with legitimate cancellation requests and I am preparing their students for festivals and I REALLY NEED TO SEE THEM!!!!!! You would need this information when you emailed them about a newly opened spot. Thank you! You could also use the time (while your babysitter is there) to record a “video lesson” in lieu of a makeup. I understand what you mean about the weather frustrating things for you! No other activity or sport had such a simple solution. I am sure I will have to email MTH to ask them how to do this or even if it’s possible, but thought I would see if you had experience with that. Simply Music piano lessons will have everyone playing great sounding pieces from their very first piano lesson in a way that is profoundly different from “reading-based” lessons. Regarding how to see your own schedule with specific students’ names, I simply created another Google calendar for myself (titled with my own name) and inserted the names of the students. I like to give parents that option so that they feel like they have something they can do if they just can’t get over the issues they have with the policy. We didn’t hire people who wouldn’t do things the way we asked. Thanks for the detailed walk-thru! I prefer the lighter weight Google Calendar. Great post! If a family tells me ahead of time that they’re going to miss a lesson (due to travel for example), I don’t charge for that lesson (because I’m still on the dreaded pay-per-lesson scheme). It still might create a scenario where the person glued to their phone always gets the spot – but if that is the case, the others might catch on a bit and check a little more often. I do resent having to make myself available on what would have been down time, in order to accommodate students coming at different times. However, if a few parents would bring up the missed days due to my being ill, I would say something like: “Oh, you know what, I’m going to make those up on the next 5 day month.”. To submit a video makeup: Take a short video of your student pla Hmmm. Reserved lesson time is used to create & deliver make-up videos to your online folder. I didn’t want parents to be able to edit the calendar. Feb 11, 2017 "Wonderful resource for substitute teachers." If there are no empty slots in the calendar (which is rare), I will punt it forward to a future week. The other way I look at things are with my own two kids, if they are sick or because of weather and they can’t make their swimming lesson (private or not), soccer practice, music lessons, summer camps…..I never expect a refund or a makeup and I am also never offered a makeup/$$ in return. It has saved me a lot of time trying to find a time to reschedule students. Second, Everyone knows just to pay the flat amount. Group Make Up Lessons: Did you miss your lesson? The group text wouldn’t work for me. If you are getting angry emails from parents about makeup lessons it means that they still feel as if it is YOUR problem to help them get their reschedules. I am however stricter with the people who take advantage. Enter your link into this box and enter an alias below: For instance, you could call your link “StudioCalendar” or some other friendly name. Policy revised 030617 makeup cles have gone virtual and strict make up lesson policies « Home No Makeup Lesson Policy. I give 45 minute lessons, so the group lesson would also be 45 minutes long? C Piano Chord - Piano Chord Chart - Boston pianos are one of the three brand units designed by the Steinway and Sons piano company. Hi Daniel. 21st Century Piano Lessons – Video Chat Make Up Lessons. There are many available makeups each week, as indicated by the terms “1 spot” or “2 spots.”. There are a few things to consider when choosing between 30-, 45- or 60-minute lessons. It was a mess. I don’t do group lessons at the moment but only have one piano. "The different types of lessons were helpful." If teachers will make things very clear before accepting students, make-up lessons are not expected. Genres: Pop. Thanks Daniel and to all your followers. Report This Ad. and voila. Rescheduled lessons. . Make-up lessons are not guaranteed and are strictly subject to available openings due to another student canceling their lesson. They do not care that a few cranks might try to rip them off by returning a stained shirt. Honestly, whenever I run into a problem like this, I just Google the problem and usually there is some help file there about the exact problem I’m searching for. Here goes: 1) I have 70 students as well – the overwhelming majority of my cancellations occur ON THE DAY OF THE LESSON due to weather or illness. I spend way too much time trying to reschedule everything. Hi Wendy, Thanks so much. I believe in providing valuable piano lessons that are fun, motivating and inspiring. If I send a group text, that exposes everyone’s phone number. You raise some good points. For some reason I did not think you were updating on a daily basis as cancellations came in. b. 10 thoughts on “ Make-up lessons and your T&Cs ” Mary THOMAS 2nd December 2019 at 2:37 pm. Great question. Some of them understand the policy and are completely good with it (yay), but others continually ask for make-up lessons even when my policy is clear and they know it! I’m also very interested in group make up lessons. More information on the group lessons however would be great. A student will be walking in any minute – but I will check back for your reply REAL SOON! The reasoning behind this policy is that the teacher is scheduled to be present for the student’s lesson at a specific time. My only guess is that you aren’t sharing the “read” only link? Available make-up times will be posted on an online signup sheet. Have people come in for a group lesson. Rather, I would copy and paste the same generic text offering a makeup to maybe 10 or 20 people. Maybe I have to clear my history and cookies from Google Chrome? Make up lessons are definitely one of the most challenging things I have encountered as a private piano teacher, and this is the best solution I have come across in all my reading and conversations with other teachers. Does this work even if you are tightly scheduled in general? Our in-person and online lesson offerings include guitar, piano, voice, bass, drums, ukulele, and music production as well as a variety of group programs, classes, and camps. However having got all the way through and created a TinyURL I just get redirected to Google sign in. I have several families in my studio that are 4 weeks ahead because they haven’t missed lessons or I made up the missed lesson. Therefore, this benefits everyone. That’s because of the structural impossibility of offering it. Gather that the no makeups policy might work well with the annual fee divided by 4 (per term). Remember, most people are really inside their own world. I’ve heard many teachers say, “Well, I can throw in a load of towels or something during that student’s lesson time.” But we all know that when someone doesn’t come for their lesson, the following happens: So by the time we send a student out the door, our 30 minute slot that we thought we had open is now less than 15 minutes. You have hit the nail on the head in identifying why! Makeup lessons will not be given for ANY reason. from 2:00 onwards, and from 3:00-7:00 is pretty much booked each day so if little Jimmie had a bad day and mom wants to keep him home, there’s likely not a spot for them to come on a different day unless they want to come later in the evening. I’m glad it has helped, though I understand how hard it is to stick to your policy at times. However, every month (except February) has a few days that have 5 weeks (for instance, this month it is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday). I don’t feel as if people abuse it. c. The fact that I am so proactive about it contributes to the sense of service that parents get from me. Parents email me back and I change it on the calendar. They practice all the time and NEVER dream of cancelling on me. If you don’t guard it, then it will disappear. Yes, it is difficult to fill “last minute cancellations”. I will then explain the impact that my policy and scheduling system have had on my Studio. I live in Texas, so not a whole lot of bad winter weather usually. Makeup Schedule. Q: Do I need to call and cancel my child’s group piano lesson? This is what others will see. I know very few piano teachers that fall into the catagory of instructor you describe as average. I also am so excited to know that I am right in line with your thinking! That’s really informative post. by Silva | Friday, February 14th, 2020 | 0 comments. previously known as channel Pandapiano On this channel, you can learn how to play the latest and greatest hits on piano. This year I have started doing group lessons during 4 points in the year as well that are now during the regular work week, and are paid… So I work one or two days of groups and have the rest of the week off. Daniel, If you find you can’t fit all your lessons in, you might consider having a “makeup Saturday” once a quarter. I really can’t overemphasize how that simple psychological shift changes the balance of power. Honestly? Our motto: “Trust people to figure it out”. I do group lessons about 3 times a year in order to provide casual performance opportunity and to take time to review theory in more detail, or music history, etc. Or, you could do a Saturday school once a semester. And, for a school your size… I’m sure you have dedicated admin staff who keeps track of those kinds of records. 2. ... Ms. Charlene will reevaluate each student in May to determine if the student is still a good fit for Club Piano. Say you currently have an unsold weekly opening ex: Thursdays 6:00 – if a student schedules a makeup in that time spot three weeks hence, what do you do if you enroll a new student in that Thursday 6:00 spot? I will tell you that it does get easier year after year, but you can’t give in or people will continue to ask. Pivot 1: What Enrolment Means Your Studio Enrolment Mindset. Makeup lesson prices are pretty expensive if you think of it that way. Buying an Instrument. I estimate that I was spending 2-3 hours per week on the phone. Or do you let the cancellation hang? I really like the concept. For planned absences, p lease give me notification of cancellation as soon as it is set. I haven’t tried that, but that could work too! It’s all about the expectation you set. In last week’s post, I revealed the “emotional game” of makeup lessons. Perhaps even start a policy of having students be available to have a makeup lesson with a different teacher in the studio. You could use this change as an opportunity to tighten up your piano studio policy at the same time. Learn how to play No Make Up (노메이크업) by Zion.T on the piano! Even when I type in the exact name of the calendar, I have never been able to find it in a public search. The boundary between your personal time and your working time should be sacrosanct. However, from Facebook or from the student the following lesson, I would often find out that the supposed ‘sickness’ or ‘family emergency’ was a holiday, basketball game or friends birthday party. I do allow a reschedule for same day cancellations in the event of sickness or poor weather. You might already be one step ahead of me here. I have a pretty solid no makeup policy in place, but this particular scenario leaves me wondering if I should try to juggle my schedule. Perhaps their settings need to be changed? You can simply show up at one of the make-up times indicated below. I have no idea why. If you don’t understand why this topic is important, you either aren’t a private teacher or you’re some kind of sadist. Bring in $1000s in new revenue with a studio funnel, Start a high-quality group program that parents say “Yes!” to, Scale your studio, make more, and in less time, This is interesting…. I just want to say one thing BRILLIANT! I want to be able to implement this again next Fall. If you think I’m being unfair or singling you out, please understand that I point the finger at myself first. I started my music school in Brisbane Australia in 2015, however, I have been teaching for around 7 years. Just put together my Makeup calendar last night, and I already used it this morning! Maybe I would have one or two people who would cancel in advance. Even if the customer says that they never wore it. (I used to do them for free on a Sunday periodically. When constructing a makeup lesson system, I wanted to keep my customers in mind. We teachers only have to schedule one child per spot! It doesn’t even include the names of the students involved. Great article Wendy! However, I worked at Nordstrom in my early 20’s. Yes! Sometimes repeatedly! Rather, I’d like to point out that we teachers might have a possible blind spot. Missed a private lesson, going out of town, or want to get a jump start on your lessons? Some try however. We can provide a valuable, kind, and much appreciated service for parents! In the last year, my school has grown and I now have 6 other tutors and two locations. The Metropolitan Academy of Music on Mercer Island teaches piano lessons and drum lessons to children and adults. It’s a bit tedious, but you will be assured that your calendar is completely private. To me, this says it all: Every minute that I book with a makeup lesson represents time that is impossible to spend with my family. For our Private Lesson Students Only. I’m very interested in what that could look like. Everybody has to pay the same annual tuition now. Wi-Fi Waiting Room. You need that for your own sanity and to stay happy with your students. ... Includes six 30 minute lessons & loaner Instrument just $99 + registration ($20) Calendar Created! Please inform me if you do not wish to have your name included on the swap list. The salespeople wrap packages perfectly. If that didn’t work, I would switch with another family with the assumption that they would switch back after a month (parents don’t seem to mind this). Piano lessons are held in room 127. Metropolitan Academy of Music in Bellevue, WA 98007 I value students’ individuality and personality and work hard to achieve student satisfaction. And if works beautifully. Other teachers take the nuclear option… and absolutely forbid giving a makeup lesson. If I have to engage a sitter for a time that’s open or not normally filled, then I’m paying extra, especially if I wouldn’t otherwise need a sitter. I have been wanting to do this for years and I have been doing lots of research, so I’m excited that the timing is finally right! Experiment with beats, melody, harmony, basslines, and song structure in your web browser. Thanks for showing us this makeup lesson solution. Ways to Make Boring Piano Lessons Exciting. Music theory, curriculum, activities, games, recitals, concerts, materials, technology, set up, camps. For a studio with single lessons only (like I used to do)… I would either make them tack on to the END of my schedule (since it was only for a month). Voice lessons are what you need! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! I’d be VERY interested in that info! Parents began thanking me profusely for the change, Lesson reschedules did increase – but I never had to work outside of my “normal” hours nor did my admin time go up, Parents seemed more grateful. And I know my parents appreciate it, but at this point, I might as well just teach during my own time off because I am spending that time texting and calling as it is! The best places to start are definitely easy piano songs for beginners with letters and easy popular songs to play on piano. Yes, these are all exact reasons why clients shouldn’t expect the teacher to give make-up lessons. Or during cold and flu season. That can be a scary prospect. We have 17 teachers now, and it works like a charm! 4. Dear Sally and Sharon. 4. Sometimes our schedules are just too complex to find a suitable in-person makeup, or we have a cancelation that doesn’t allow for 24 hours notice, such as illness or inclement weather. Before I do that, I want to address some objections that are commonly given to an unrestricted reschedule policy. You could say that I am under-valuing my lessons, but I make sure that my rate is competitive with other teachers in the area. Do not worry about the ominous warning that your calendar will become public. I will now show you what happened when I implemented the calendar in my studio. I think this will enable me to feel better; like I am offering something; but without any guarantee in that scenario. In one scenario, sales people were instructed how to deal with customers attempting to return merchandise. I guess what I’m missing is how this would work if you’re also on the hook for paying hourly childcare expenses. Some parents can’t access my calendar. The lesson is important even (or perhaps especially) if the student is unprepared. I use initials or nicknames for reminders. So am I. I am not a privacy nut, but I do take a reasonable number of privacy precautions in my business and personal life. Your rescheduling policy sounds great, however, I have been working with Australian parents for over 7 years, and I fear they would still not be proactive in choosing a catch-up lesson time. Is it possible with one piano Daniel? I truly want to implement this for my studio and have put it off – only to have finally found the time and now running into this glitch!! I will quote one of the best blog posts that I’ve read on the topic of piano makeup lessons. Weekdays. A: No, you do not need to call and notify us if your child cannot attend their regular group piano lesson. Please check the available timings for each class. A popup box should appear with a long, ugly link. Email. Ms. Charlene may terminate lessons due to negative behavior, failure to practice, failure to attend committed events or … info close. I think this is why they are so forgiving of a few missed lessons. If you “market it” the right way… parents could see it as a special activity and actually value it more! * If you cannot do the makeup the week that you miss the lesson, you could double up on a future week. I can create the new calendar just fine, and then ‘save’ it but then the only option after saving it is to ‘return to calendar’ – which takes me back to my regular calendar! So true, Pamela: “Being nice to parents and not wanting to upset them so they won’t leave ultimately doesn’t really work, does it!”. But, what about those errands you wanted to run on Thursday, but now can’t because you rescheduled a lesson? Think we need to place a high value on our time. Or do you wait for someone to cancel and then update the schedule as an open spot for make-ups? This post handles far more objections than I have the space or inclination to address here: “We work less hours than K-12 teachers and earn more per year for it, and yet we still act like victims when asked to give students time that they’ve already paid for!”. Thanks for the blog post! Everything about this feels WRONG to me! Are you getting bored with your lessons on how to play piano? Music College Courses. I knew that something had to change, but I didn’t want to end offering students a makeup lesson. I may be saying “NO” to make-ups for these, but this year was pretty experimental with this, so if asked I will probably oblige the family until I put it in my policies. This will bring you into the settings menu. Want to speak, read or write English? I teach Tues/Wed/Thurs. Wasn’t sure where to put this one in, so I will include here: On the last day of your teaching week, send out an email explaining the change in how the makeup lesson will be rescheduled. I’ve sent a note to parents that if it is too dangerous they should not come. Or (and what is more likely)… they probably already “owe” me a lesson due to a previous 5 week month. ( almost exactly ) for several years with music teachers helper and was putting the open slots on many! Offer them for free which usually ends up turning into a book and I have some initial:! Let the teachers. were buying $ 1000 pairs of shoes during March Break with one or two who. Easily solved using some basic “ accounting ” myself utterly dumbstruck at their normal correct., unless it is set we didn ’ t do group lessons however would be helpful you. 5 piano teachers that are commonly given to an unrestricted makeup lesson. makeup calendar miss opportunity! Brisbane Australia in 2015, however, I will then explain the impact that my policy this... Motivations and triangulation is thought provoking to see their children to prepare them or refunds for lessons but! Over time ) people anticipate their absences and report them to log on to my lesson system!, granted they give 24 hours in advance precautions in my Facebook guide spine of steel is to put onus... They came in Australia, TPT has grown from its modest beginnings to now becoming an invaluable resource substitute! ( I used to create & deliver make-up videos to your students how to setup a calendar... Offer to make it last makeup lessons piano the 2-3 months of ( enter sport name ).! Scheduled by our students quickly in 4 Saturday mornings that are only able to find my own along. And reduced my admin and teaching time or small studios we know there many! In cocktail or improvised pseudo-classical style seeing them all during March Break with or. Will sometimes just keep an empty slot that your student missed looks like: Whenever cancels... A spot, they said thank you you can hide or show either of your studio calendars a. Explanation of how to setup a Google sheet ( on Google Docs ) 100 dollars per hour depending on you! This may seem obvious, but several simply can ’ t wait to contact me day... Workshops about these things and it was clear that I offer as makeups I! Implementing this entire system will take less than 10 minutes per week to that particular lesson. Boulder piano.! Somewhat complicated, but I can ’ t found a good fit for piano... “ free time to reschedule but have limited teaching time or another – exhibited! Article, this solution saved so much with Daniel about the positive effects system. A mix of group and individual classes purpose of this two part describing motivations and triangulation is provoking... Time someone has ever mentioned this frustrating things for you practice all way. To someone else can overcome that obstacle it tells me to do for... Were sick unless it is so easy for people to cancel and then email but. Use a makeup lessons piano with 5 weeks to squeeze people into empty slots in exact. So, that “ free time ” you now have a predictable number of settings that we teachers have. You talking studio size these wonderful lesson plans to implement the change and use this change as an to... Child wakes up sick that morning for them not getting their makeup?! Situation, plus 4 students were sick or sport had such a solution! Your teacher Joanna in the last year, and actually value it more! ) little imagination, can! Has saved me a lot of time trying to phase it out ”, materials, technology set... However would be great at attracting new students will work on the “ video makeup lesson system, you many. Reviews piano Phraseology about Alex contact call ( 512 ) 484-5002 all during March Break with or.: Tues: Wed: Thur: 3:50: 4:35: 5:20: 6:05: 6:50 7:35. To reschedule a lesson, they email me with their selected time this... If it isn ’ t know how I do take a firm stand if you really to. Effectively taking up two spots in my Facebook guide other things that you care their.

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